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Workshops are starting Dec 31st 2022 and run each Saturday morning and Monday afternoon.

For more information please email


or visit


Date: Saturday 31st Dec

Time:  8.30am - 10.30am

Cost: $40


Date: Monday 2nd Jan

Time: 4pm - 6pm

Cost $40


Primary and Secondary School Children welcome


Congratulations to Sarah Lawther

Congratulations to Sarah Lawther for winning Beauty and The Geek!

We are so grateful for the nice mention she gave us on the Morning show!

A naturally talented TV presenter we are trusting she will soon be hosting her own show or Dancing with the Stars where she belongs!! 




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Sarah Lawther Australian Premiere 3D Hologram


Sarah Lawther can be seen as a huge 3D live hologram captivating Sydney and Melb inner city shoppers in October 2013. This is an Australian first and coincided with the launch of Fashion Week in Melbourne.


Since winning Beauty and the Geek, Sarah Lawther has been in demand and she just landed the role of Brand Ambassador for Wittner shoes.


Her hologram is now causing a commotion in Sydney's Pitt St Mall where it will remain till the end of October.  


Click arrow to view the hologram and crowd reactiong live in Melb CBD


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MIss Teen Australia and Miss World Supermodel

Samantha was appointed official media and TV presenting coach for Miss Teen Australia and Miss World Supermodel.

Samantha was also one of the head judges for both competitions. 

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Congratulations to Dare's Casey Newport

Congratulations to Casey Newport for representing Australia and coming runner up in Miss World Supermodel.

Casey is now pursuing a modelling career

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VOLVO CX90 Launch

Dare is proud to be a part of the launch of the new Volvo!

It's Swedish and stylish and most importantly voted the world's safest family SUV!

Dare brand ambassadors nationwide will be coming to a Westfield near you to show off Volvo's new XC90! 

By the time we're finished Volvo will be the new black!

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Dare welcomes Miss World entrant Chloe Jean

Chloe Jean placed 4th in Miss World Australia last year. She is now being coached by Dare and groomed for a career in television.

She is hoping to combine her extensive knowledge of animals and experience with rehabilitating race horces with her love of TV presenting and host her own show!


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Australia Wide SUZUKI activation Jan - Mar 2015

Dare devised and implemented a huge Suzuki activation throughout various Westfields across the country in November 2014, January 2015 and March 2015.



This involved training articulate and bright car enthusiasts to work as Suzuki Brand Ambassadors at various Westfields throughout the country inorder to increase brand awareness and generate expertly qualified leads.

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V8 Super cars - call security!



Karina and Cassandra brightening up everyones day and doing a fabulous job promoting Norton Security at the V8 Supercars for the last few years.

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Sam McCool back from World Tour October 2013

Sam McCool is back in Australia and available for bookings for comedic corporate host, TV host and stand up comic.


After appearances on Australia's got Talent,  Sam McCool has been in demand worldwide and hard to book here in Australia.


He has just arrived back after a tour that included all over the US and Canada, India, Tahiti and Bali to name a few.