Corporate Training
Corporate Training



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Public Speaking and Corporate Presentation Workshops

Dare Enterprises will ensure you have the edge over your competitors by making a dynamic and lasting impression with your live pitches and presentations


By creating a nuturing and supportive environment Dare's expert facilitators empower participants taking them on a challenging journey that enhances their communication and self confidence levels whether they are presenting in front of a boardroom of colleagues, an auditorium of potential clients or the camera.


The workshops are facilitated by highly experienced trainers with a TV presenting or theatrical background and are packed with tricks of the trade from seasoned actors, TV presenters and motivational speakers.
Participants are given a take home DVD of their presentation as a record of their instant and dramatic visible improvements.


Clients include politicians, barristers, elite athletes, govt departments, medical specialists, real estate professionals, IT professionals, TV presenters, those for whom English is a second language and members of the public with upcoming social M.C. obligations or wedding speeches.

Subjects included:

*Making a dynamic first impression
*Enhancing authority and credibility
*Enhancing charisma
*Audience rapport building skills
*Ensuring body language is congruent with message
*Captivating and influencing an audience
*Leaving a lasting impression and inspiring a call to action
*Structuring a presentation for maximum impact
*Incorporating visual aids and powerpoint presentations
*Awareness of what is currently enhancing your communication
*Overcoming nerves and self consciousness
*Memory technique to minimise notes
*Personalised exercises to combat whatever is hindering your communication