Corporate Testimonials
Corporate Testimonials

  • "After attending the workshops I found my ability to communicate, connect and tell my story sky rocket! I have attended many international workshops whilst on tour but Samantha your training gave me more tools, presence and confidence than all of them put together. I am so very grateful for your positive influence on my TV presenting and public speaking!"

    ~ Paul S Lubicz
    Well Being Manager
    Sir Elton John

  • "In every respect Samantha is thoroughly professional and highly skilled - giving campaigns another dimension and contributing to pre-auction sales well in excess of the sellers highest expectations. Without reservation, I highly recommend Samantha as an asset to any marketing campaign were a presentation that stands head and shoulders above all others is needed."

    ~ Tom Offerman
    Proprietor - Tom Offerman Real Estate, Noosa

  • "I did the weekend Dynamic Communications workshop in 2003. The workshop provided practical and effective skills which immediately improved my public speaking techniques. The course has proven to be an invaluable investment in my career. To this day, I prepare for all court appearances by going through one of the routines suggested by Ms Wilkinson."

    ~ David Carroll
    Criminal Law Maurice Buyers Chambers, Sydney

  • "The one on one coaching was very helpful for my body language techniques. I would highly recommend it for those wanting to improve their public speaking techniques."

    ~ Yolanda Vega
    Austraian Womens Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • "I highly recommend this workshop. The best self development program I have done and I am looking forward to the refresher courses. Thank you so much!!"

    ~ Tian Rabe
    Associate Director
    Knight Frank

  • "The workshops honed in on and enhanced our strengths and the corrective exercises Samantha individually prescribed for our weaknesses were instantly effective. I went from utter novice to confident presenter within a couple of workshops"

    ~ Dr William Stanly
    Medical Doctor, Sydney

  • "The course provided effective techniques to ensure my delivery, expression, tone and body language were all congruent with and enhancing my message and impact on the audience."

    ~ Bill Saran
    Executive Director
    Head of Asian Equity Derivatives and Hedge Fund Sales